True Elements Dark Chocolate Muesli

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Allergen: Gluten, Soy

Stay Healthy
Weight Loss
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  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: This Muesli consists of wholegrains and seeds, all of which are highly rich in Fibre, thus promoting weight loss.
  • PURE DARK CHOCOLATE: Our chocolate muesli does not contain sugar-loaded chocolate powder but is made from 100% dark chocolate with Zero Fat which is extracted in it’s natural form to give you a rich taste of dark chocolate.
  • RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: Our chocolate muesli has seeds and cranberries that are rich in antioxidants which enhances the skin and hair health too.
  • HIGH DIETARY FIBRES: This chocolate muesli consists of high quantity of dietary fibres which makes it an ideal breakfast option. It also aides in digestion and weightloss as it makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time.
  • SWEETENED WITH HONEY: The chocolate muesli is sweetened with raw honey which is considered as a natural sweetener . Also honey has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a healthier alternative for refined sugar.


True Elements