Wayfree Gluten Free Maida Replacer 500g (Certified Gluten Free)

NPR 350.00

Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Stay Healthy
Weight Loss
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  • 100% NATURAL AND GLUTEN FREE: Wayfree Maida Replacer is a pure and wholesome blend of gluten free ingredients . This makes it suitable especially for those who are Celiac/gluten intolerant and also for those who simply love to eat gluten free.
  • PREPARE SWEET AND SAVOURY DISHES: Wayfree Maida is your gluten free alternative to prepare a number of delicious dishes like Momo, flat bread (naan), cakes, jalebi, brownies, cupcakes etc. You can use it to thicken your sauces and as a batter in coating for fried food products.
  • THICKENING SAUCES AND GRAVIES: Maida Replacer can be used as a thickening agent for sauces and gravies, as it can absorb liquids and create a smooth consistency.
  • COATING AND FRYING: Maida is often used as a coating for foods that are going to be fried, such as chicken nuggets, fried fish, and samosas.




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