Christopher Cocoa Assorted Cake Sprinkles 130g, (Dark Chocolate Chips 50g, White Chocolate Chips 50g, Rainbow Chocolate sprinkles 30g) (Snack, Topping Ice Cream, Cakes, Baking)


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  • Christopher Cocoa Rainbow Sprinkles , White Chocolate Choco Chips, Dark Choco chips (Snack, Topping Ice Cream, Cakes, Baking)
  • Add to Cake, Doughnuts, Milkshake and Ice Cream. Eat as an indulgent snack.
  • Christopher Cocoa is a tribute to the adventure that ‘discovered’ cacao beans which led to the modern indulgence called chocolate.
  • Experiment with us and bake with our professional baking products
  • Ingredients: Milk Solids, Natural Sugar, Hydrogenated Fat, Maize Starch


Christopher Cocoa


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