True Elements 7 in 1 Seeds Mix


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Weight : 125gm

Allergen: Soy

Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Stay Healthy

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INGREDIENTS: Seeds – Pumpkin, Watermelon, Sunflower seeds (58%), Flax seeds (13%), Sesame seeds (10%), Soynuts (10%), Chia seeds (9%), Natural Soy lecithin

True Elements 7 in 1 Super seeds and Nut Mix is a combination of protein-packed seeds with Soynuts. This mix is an excellent source of plant-based protein. These seeds are slightly roasted to give an extra crunch making it perfect for snacking. They are ideal for fitness enthusiasts as they help fulfill the body’s daily protein requirement.

Also, since these are 100% sugar free, they can be consumed by the sugar-conscious and diabetic patients as well.


True Elements

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